Virtual Play Date: Cooking With Kids

Memorable fun while cooking with your kids.

Yes! We can socialize and have fun while maintaining a safe distance. Kids love cooking and everybody loves eating. But how do we cook and eat while staying safe? Begin by turning your kitchen into a virtual play date to meet up with friends. It takes some planning to make it work. That’s where I come in. I’m the one with the plan. Let me know how this plan works for you!

Virtual Play Date

In the not so distant past, play dates brought Moms and children together to play, chat and provide much needed interaction between families. However, what was oh so normal then is not the norm right now as many families choose to practice social distancing. The COVID-19 Pandemic has called for families all over the world to adapt to a new norm in order to remain safe. But being safe doesn’t mean being isolated.

Thank goodness for technology. With the ipads, smartphones and other devices being as ubiquitous as they are, many of us are able to interact virtually. And many families are taking advantage of apps and social media to stay in touch in these unpresidented times. Apps like Facetime, Zoom and Google Duo make virtual play dates a good alternative to in person gatherings.

The Plan

So, here’s the plan. Plan to have fun! Sure there’s a little prep work and clean up involved but that’s all part of the experience. If your children are old enough, let them know what you plan to do and ask them who they would like to invite to the virtual play date. You select a family of your choice too. Begin small by inviting no more than 2 or 3 families. Send a few text messages out to get the conversation started. Set a play date schedule that works for everyone. Let your children know the prep work and clean up involved and ask them what things they want to do.


Next, exchange recipes. It can be so interesting to discover new recipes or rediscover dishes you haven’t eaten in years. The recipes could be favorite sweet treats or healthy snacks. Keep it simple, fun and kid friendly.

One of my favorite go-to recipes is Rice Krispy treats. I love them becasue they are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find. But kids can get very creative with marshmellow treat recipes. They can form them into a variety of edible configurations. They can configure themes like animals, planes or alphabets. They can use cookie cutters to get the exact shape they want.

Take it to the next level by decorating the marshmallow treats with icing or fondant. Icing is so much fun and introduces kids to colors and color blends. Things may get a little messy so prep your area beforehand to minimize the mess.

Get Cooking!

After deciding on a date and recipe, it’s time to get cooking. Get everyone together and connected. Maintain reasonable expectations. Remember, this is for fun and not a competition. So create a judgement-free zone where kids can be creative. If possible, let the kids sample their masterpiece creations.

Consider using a tripod to hold your smartphone as you video. This solution will mean you can be hands-free while you participate in the fun or help where needed.

Come back later for more Virtual Play Date ideas!!

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