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Being a Doula: My “Why”

When I became a Doula, I did not immediately understand my “Why”. Why did I want to be a Doula? Why was I called to support women and their families? How would I serve them? Soon it came to me!! My “Why” was in my own personal story. Honoring my story and life experiences was a *BREAKTHROUGH for me. Knowing my “Why” meant moving on to pursue my calling with confidence.

My Story

Life is not ideal and perfect expectations will surely disappoint. “Live in the moment”, they say.  But, at times, living in the moment is an adage that is seriously overrated. Because the pain and heartache of the current moment will not always honestly project the beautiful reality of tomorrow. In those perplexing seasons of life, it is unclear how to respond. Do you cry? Or is it a time to celebrate?

I was a 20 year-old college student and, in that moment, tears of sorrow were appropriate. I’d just left the Pregnancy Center with news of a positive pregnancy result. I was officially an unwed Mother, in an unplanned situation. I was overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming a Mom. But even more so, I was unhappy that I was walking into an uncertain future.  In that moment, I felt very alone. In earnest, the future would give me a new story of purpose and retrospect would confirm the Lord had been present all along.

In the days ahead, I would make significant choices and, in the years ahead, I would reap the excellence of God’s goodness.  I by-passed the abortion clinic and walked down the aisle to the alter. It was my immediate family and church family that would attend my wedding and raise cheerful plastic cups to me and my new husband. Extended family members would not discover the faith to see a hopeful future for us. It was the first time I was able to confirm my membership in the household of faith.

Had I known the amazing power of his excellence, I certainly would have celebrated more and cried much less. Had I known then, what I know now, I would have been more courageous and less fearful. Had I fully understood, that God forgives and forgets, I would have lived each day without guilt or anxiety. I would have enjoyed so much more confidence.

That Little Baby

That little baby boy of my youth, was born healthy and strong. In time, he grew to become a toddler, a boy, a teen and then a man. The Lord would help me to see him growing inwardly as he became an example of gratitude, generousity and joyfulness. He blesses those around him and gives of himself selflessly. He has a passion for sports and a dedication to family. He is a beautiful son to me and he continues to fill my heart with great joy.

I’d known for some time that I wanted a family of four children, two boys and two girls. But that little baby boy would be my only son.  He is a great brother to his sisters and I’m proud of the husband and father he has  become. He does so many things well.

We may choose to shed tears when we face difficult times and laugh out loud when things go our way. As a Doula, I rejoice with the families I serve! Other times, I realize some miraculous moments can be perplexing. In those moments, I can offer hope, reassurance and comfort in the moment knowing that good things can come from difficult and perplexing situations. 

*Need to define your “Why?”:  I offer BREAKTHROUGH Coaching. 
Email me for information at theabundantlifedoula@gmail.com

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