2021 Baby!!!

It’s 2021 Baby!!! And I’m ready for the Moms and their families who will welcome their babies this year. Yes, I’m feeling good about all the things planned for the community of Moms this year. Where do I start? First of all, I will say that many of the things planned will be virtual. So, no need for masks or 6 feet of distance. For now, staying safe means enjoying online activities. In this blog post, I will tell you about what’s coming up this year for the Abundant Life Moms.

Beauty, Health and Wellness

We are dedicated to moms from the inside-out. Beauty, health and wellness for Moms means showing loving kindness to yourself. Through pregnancy, birth and delivery we know for certain that women are amazingly powerful and strong!! Caring for your mental and physical health means you will be all you can be for yourself and those in your life. It also means being realistic about rest, setting boundaries and recognizing limitations. Devote time to yourself to be healthy and stay healthy.

Each month the Abuandant Life Doula will provide a new opportunity to focus on essential self-care for Moms. This year, you can depend on us to bring pertinent health and well-being information to you.

More Love and Wisdom

This online setting provides a faith-based community where we affirm love and wisdom for the next generation. Many things change but love remains the same. Love means so many different things to different people. How do we all get on the same page? Generation after generation can and should have the opportunity to know the love and wisdom from above. How can anyone know love and wisdom if it is not affirmed by those who have experienced it first hand?

Hear the stories of personal trials and the power of a faithful God. We honor the stories of overcomers who submit their true life testimonials. They could have given in and given out. Instead they found the supernatural strength to push through. Abundant Life Chronicles proudly shared many stories of people who overcame great hardship to experience the love of God.

Stay with us as we feast on true soul food. It is that bread of life that nourishes and feeds us so that we can grow in love and wisdom. You can trust it will be delicious.

More Millennial Moms

Last year, it was my pleasure to introduce the community to several Millennial Moms. I interviewed the women and featured them on the Abundant Life Blog. Each one told their own experiences of love and life. Our Abundant life moms were truthful and encouraging as they shared their ups and downs. Knowing about their families, their values and how they keep it all together was .

This year, we will continue to introduce more mothers as they tell their stories in their own way. You will be encouraged by their stories of resliency, faith and grace.

Interviews and Online Events

We don’t know everything but our philosophy is we can find others who do know. This means the Abundant Life Doula will search high and low to find reputable resources. For our Moms, we will search the nation to find professionals like physicians, midwives, Chiropractors, and more. They can answer your questions and perhaps teach you something as well.

Baby Style

Baby Style is an opportunity for our community to have a little fun sharing fashion photos! Take pictures of your cutie pie, send them in and we will do the rest. Model popular styles from Baby Gap, Target, Carters, Children’s Place and designer clothes like Adidas and Nike. Submit your photos to theabundantlifedoula@gmail.com.

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